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Individual courses of Czech for foreigners - Ostrava

Choose time and length of lectures according to your needs. We will create your individual study plan. The most effective way to learn Czech!


The individual course of Czech for foreigners is very intensive course where lecturer teaches only one student.

  • You can start the course anytime during the year. The courses take place in our classrooms in Ostrava – Mariánské hory, but it is also possible to agree on teaching in spaces provided by you e.g. at your home, in your company.
  • Regular lectures are held either in before agreed fixed time (e.g. every Tuesday 7:00 - 8:30) or in flexible times (e.g. once a week, and you agree on the time of each lecture at least a week before with the lecturer, according to availability of the lecturer and classrooms)
  • LEARN IN MINIGROUP: You can agree with your partner, friend, or colleague and learn together! The individual course can be arranged also for two or three students. It is very important that all the students in the group are on the same level regarding the language learned and that they have similar requirements and goals in learning. The price for individual course in minigroup is just 15% higher.
  • 10% DISCOUNT for full-time students with valid student card.


Price List and Terms and Conditions of Individual Language Learning


Coordinator of language lectures Veronika will gladly arrange our first meeting, where we discuss your needs and requirements, outline basis of your individual study plan and agree on other organisational matters.




Apply for the course or contact us: +420 776 728 283,


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