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Individual courses of Czech for Foreigners

We offer individual courses of Czech language for foreigners in Ostrava and its surroundings. The courses are very intensive with one lector teaching only one student. The individual courses of Czech for foreigners usually take place in our classrooms in Ostrava – Mariánské Hory but it is possible to agree on teaching in spaces provided by the client, e.g. at home, in a company.


Individual course of Czech for foreigners is suited for you, if:

  • you want to choose individual time of lecture according to your needs
  • you want to customize the course to perfectly suit you (e.g. overcome fear of speaking Czech and start communicating, improve in grammar, prepare for a Czech language exam, quickly learn basics of Czech, focus on specific professional domain of language used in your job etc.)
  • you require intensive and effective learning and the fastest way possible of reaching your goals


How does the individual course of Czech for foreigners look like?

  • the individual course is only for one student (it is also possible to create a so called minigroup of two or three students)
  • the lecturer is there only for you – this means that you will have maximum room to speak, and you will deal only with topics and issues that interest you etc.
  • teaching is provided almost completely in Czech and only sometimes (e.g. explaining grammar) a common language is used (usually English, German, Russian etc.)
  • a lecture lasts 60 min. or 90 min., you decide the time and intensity of teaching

Nabídka kurzů

Individual courses of Czech for foreigners - Ostrava

Choose time and length of lectures according to your needs. We will create your individual study plan. The most effective way to learn Czech!

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